1.     Identification: ELL 101English Grammar
2.     Description: The emphasis is on syntax, a key area of difficulty when moving from Turkish to English. We will become familiar with adverbial and adjectival clauses, and practice translating them, and work on other parts of the sentence. Idiomatic English will be encouraged, and there will be many exercises on word formation, which I hope will provide useful hints for vocabulary building and phrasal verbs. A small grammar book will be provided, and this will in part determine the structure of the course.
3.     Level: Undergraduate
4.     Prerequisite: None
5.     Objectives: By the end of the semester,
1.     Students will recognize and be able to discuss grammatical ideas.
2.     Students will learn grammatical terms.
3.     Students will build complex sentences more confidently.
4.     Students will be more familiar with how to use a reference grammar.
5.     Students will speak and write more idiomatically.
6.     Students will learn more about etymology and word formation.
7.     Students will be better prepared for the Proficiency or TOEFL exams.
6.     Set texts for the exam:
Bahire Şerif         Bir Bakışta, Pratik Ä°nglizçe Dilbilgisi FONO 2008   9-789754-71355-8
Recommended reading:
Sue O’Connel       Focus on Proficiency Nelson 1995 (3rd)     0-17-556981-9
Jolene Gear, Robert Gear Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test Cambridge     2006   978-0-521-75584-9
7.   Compulsory or Elective Course: Compulsory
8.   Teaching staff: Dr. Peter Starr
9.   Length and period: One academic semester (14 weeks)
The weekly grammar content will be partly determined by the grammar book, which we will review from start to finish. We will concentrate most time on the final sections of the grammar book.
10.          Course outline:
The main topics may be presented in this order:

Week 1: Phrasal verbs. Practice ToEFL. Review of Question Forms.
Week 2: Parts of speech. Articles.
Week 3. Nouns and noun clauses.
Week 4. Nouns and noun clauses.
Week 5. Adjectives and adjectival clauses.
Week 6. Adjectives and adjectival clauses.
Week 7. Adverbs and adverbial clauses.
Week 8. Adverbs and adverbial clauses.
Week 9. Verb tenses.
Week 10. Verb tenses.
Week 11. Passives.
Week 12. Conditionals.
Week 13. Reported speech.
Week 14. Review.

11. Teaching and learning methods
30%    ---- Lectures                   
70%    ---- Text work and seminar discussion
a.   Exam period: 1 Mid-term mock exam. 1 Final exam.
b.   Types of evaluation:
Written (paper-and-pencil) exam.
13.          Assignments
Main assignments: worksheets.
14.          Language of instruction: English